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Welcome to our Fareacres Weekly Blog

Posted 2/11/2019

This has been a busy week at both our nurseries.

Weekly Experiences

The children at Gants Hill the children have been mark making using large paper on the floor. When children are making these early marks, they are practising to hold a pencil and are attempting to control their marks with their muscles. This enhances their physical development by improving their fine motor skills and helps to develop their hand-eye coordination.

 Mark making GHMark making GH












The children in Rainbow fish room, South Woodford have been exploring a box created by a practitioner in the room. The box has been designed with slots and holes and threads and the children have been using their fine motor skills to manoeuvre the strings. This type of activity adds a new experience for the children and as it has been made by a practitioner, it is tailor made to meet the needs of the children based in the room. The children were all encouraged to explore and test their skills to move the string back and forth.


 Creative Box SWCreative Box SW









The children at Gants Hill the children have making animals using a variety of shapes (tangrams). There are many benefits to playing with shapes. They can be used to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills, perceptual reasoning (nonverbal thinking skills), visual-spatial awareness, creativity and many mathematical concepts such as symmetry, area, perimeter, and geometry. Most crucially, perhaps, is the change of perspective of math’s being something boring to becoming a creative and fun activity, leading to a desire to tackle more advanced math’s.

Tangram activity GHTangram activity GH









The children in Stingrays room South Woodford have been budding chefs and have made their own fruit salad. The children chose their own fruits and used cutlery under supervision to cut it up. This activity was planned to help the children develop independence in their health and self-care skills. The children all thoroughly enjoyed creating a fruit salad and had trouble refraining from eating as they worked! They made comments such as:

"I cut it" - Lucas
"Can you help me?" - Rafe
"Need help" - Aiyza
"Look" – Rodrigo

 Fruit Salad SWFruit Salad SW












The children at Gants Hill the children have been exploring the mirror blocks. Mirrors are a great way to help babies and children explore. They reach out to touch the baby in the mirror. The children start to recognize their reflection. While looking in the mirror with the children, practitioners use this opportunity to help develop their vocabulary. The older children in the room used the blocks to build towers.

 Mirrors GHMirrors GH











The children in Sharks room South Woodford have budding scientists by using the microscope to look closer at particular things, such as an apple skin. The children were then prompted to use their communication skills to describe what they have seen. This activity prompts children’s interest and encourages them to participate. Through engaging with this activity, the children are developing all aspects of their communication skills and also their understanding of the world skills.

The children made comments such as:

"Black like a water cannon" - Xavi
"It’s apple" - Julia
"Can’t see" - Clara
"It’s apple and its orange colour" – Frederika

 Microscope SWMicroscope SW












The children at Gants Hill the children have have been making lanterns whilst talking to the children about Chinese New Year. Celebrating festivals offers much enjoyment and thrill but also because it has much more to tell about the country, its history and culture. The children decorated their lanterns using a variety of materials from glitter and paint to pieces of material. Whilst decorating the children were enhancing their fine motor skills and their creative skills by designing how they want their lantern to look.

 Chinese Lanterns GHChinese Lanterns GH








The children in Starfish room South Woodford have been enjoying their ‘Book of the week’ called ‘How are we Feeling Today’ by Molly Potter. The children focused on what their favourite part of the story was and went on to discuss their own feelings. We use the ‘Book of the week’ to help children gain a better understanding of Literacy. Research shows that children who are aware of how stories are structured are at an advantage when they begin to read. Stories like this one are also great for prompting conversations regarding feelings.

The children commented:

"When I’m happy I like to play with my mummy and daddy" - Eitan
"When I’m excited I like to sing" - Isobel
"When I’m sad I just want my mummy" – Laith                                                                                                                             "I feel angry because I miss my mummy, daddy and sister" - Daisy
"I’m happy because my mummy is coming after tea" - Isla
"When I’m worried I like to go swimming or watch telly" Jessica

Book of the Week SWBook of the Week SW

Book of the Week SWBook of the Week SW













Top 5 Children’s Quotes of the week:

-       "I get £2 pocket money for doing chores at home" – Mae

-       "Pasta is really yummy" - Mahd

-       "My sister shares her Nintendo with me now" – Jayce

-       "The trains are going backwards because the driver is having a break" - Zayd

-       "I can roar like a dinosaur" – Aaron


Activity of the Week:

The winner of activity of the week this week is Meera (SW). Meera has planned a lovely activity using the Lantern Chinese festival. The activity has been planned to help a child achieve a literacy: Writing next step of distinguishing between the different marks they make. The lanterns will be decorated by the children, and this element of mark making in a novel way, will encourage the children to participate fully. The extension looks at the mark making in more detail and asks the children to talk about what their marks represent.

Quote of the Week:

“Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded”

-          Jess Lair




Thank you for taking a glimpse into our Fareacres Learning Community

Until next time...