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Welcome to our Monthly Fareacres Blog

Posted 10/25/2019

It has been a busy month at the nurseries...

GH Experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres Gants Hill…

GH experiencesGH experiences

 GH experiencesGH experiences
















SW experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres South Woodford…

Rainbowfish SWRainbowfish SW

Stingrays SWStingrays SW

Sharks SWSharks SW

Starfish SWStarfish SW























Celebrating Diversity

Festivals are a great way for all our children and practitioners to celebrate their beliefs and share their culture and religion with others. This month at Fareacres we have been celebrating Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Diwali (festival of lights) Black History Month and finishing with Halloween. We feel it is important that practitioners use the celebrations to talk about the meaning behind the different festivals and talk about different religions. This is vital in fully promoting an inclusive environment and enabling children to respect and learn about a range of religions.

 Festivals Festivals









Hungry Little Minds

Hungry Little Minds is the new Department for Education campaign that encourages parents and carers to adopt positive activities and behaviours to boost children's communication, language and literacy development. This is a new three-year campaign to encourage parents to engage in activities that support their child’s early learning and help set them up for school and beyond. Please click the link below to see a campaign launch toolkit which explains some of the research and the key messages of the campaign.


Nursery Reminders

In both sites we now have family photo albums for the room, if you have not sent your family photo yet, please send it to the setting manager who can print it out. The children love to look through their rooms photo album and can get a little upset when they do not see their family.

To upload the photo’s and videos of your children exploring Autumn for this month’s Tapestry Challenge.

Parent Forum will be held on Wednesday 20th November at 6pm. If there is anything you would like to be on the agenda, please contact your setting manager.


Children’s quotes of the month

  • “Good Morning, how are you?”- Laharekaa
  • "My granny takes me to the hair dressers and I sit really still" – Samuel
  • "I celebrate Diwali” - Amaiya
  • "Did you know, when I had chicken pox I had to go to the hospital. The doctor gave me medicine to make me better." – Sergio
  • “My Hands” - Elyse
  • "Look Kelly I have a girl baby in my belly it comes out in the Hospital, her name is Dave" – Samina
  • "It not your turn, look at me on the see-saw" - Reilly
  • "When you get on a train, the train takes you to the aquarium. I've been to a aquarium with Mummy and Daddy, it was fun and I saw lots of fishes and lobsters” – Zachariah
  • "I'm cooking pasta" - Daniyal
  •  "Mind out the way of my policeman he drives his car quick" - Arjun

 Quote of the month

‘Play is the highest form of research’

                                                Albert Einstein