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Welcome to our Monthly Fareacres Blog

Posted 2/28/2020

It has been a busy month at the nurseries...

GH Experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres Gants Hill…



























SW experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres South Woodford…

 Stingrays SWStingrays SW









Star FishStar Fish

Rainbow FishRainbow Fish










Mindfulness activities teach your child to accept their emotions and experiences in the moment, without critical or negative judgement, allowing them the space to be acknowledged, felt, and as a result, worked through. The early years are so fundamental to developing emotions. It's so important to be in the moment, but also for children to be able to identify what they are feeling and when they need to take time out. It's also about learning how to be kind to themselves and others. At Fareacres mindfulness is a daily experience we do with the children and is a time to unwind down and get ready for the next part of the routine. During mindfulness, we encourage the children to concentrate on their breathing techniques with the access to breathing balls. Children also take time to close eyes and listen to sounds. The children’s favourite mindfulness activity is practising different poses; standing tall as a tree or posing as a frog. This exercise improves the children’s ability to listen and use their senses and  body movements; it is very good for their physical development. 

Here are some ideas for you at home to enable you and your child to share this experience together:  

Yawn and stretch for 10 seconds 

Take time to do stretching and poses at home with your child.  

Three hugs, three big breaths exercise

Take part in exercises that involve closing eyes and listening for sounds or searching for different smells.  


Nursery Reminders:  

  • Please remember to send in your family picture, if you haven’t already. The children love looking in the photo albums and can feel upset if they don’t see their family picture. It is very helpful for children to look at their picture especially when they are separated from their family.  
  • Tapestry- Please ensure you activate your tapestry account. If your link has expired, please speak to your setting manager to have a new one sent. Tapestry is a great tool to give you an insight into your child’s learning and involves you in helping them to learn as well.  
  • Tapestry challenge- Please remember to participate in this month’s challenge of recycling. Teaching children about caring for the environment is very important and can help them understand it’s importance.  A new challenge will be set next week.
  • Upcoming parent forum- There is an upcoming parent forum, the date will soon be emailed to you by your setting manager. Please keep an eye out for upcoming emails. If you are not receiving emails, please notify the setting manager.  


Children’s quotes of the month:  

  •  “Pinocchio goes into the sea and into the whale’s tummy” – Sara
  • “We had to throw away the water in the water tray because the children were drinking it. We don’t drink the water from the tray because it is dirty, we only drink clean water. We don’t drink water from the sea either because it is too salty” – Samuel
  • “Monkeys eat banana, so you are a monkey” - Bhavik
  •  “My daddy does his work on the computer at home on the desk. It’s very important work, we mustn’t touch his laptop” – Samina
  • “There are Mummy lions in the jungle and Akka lions” - Vidhula 
  • “I practice A,B,C,D with my mummy on the weekend. We were doing my letters with my brother. I know them now because my brother helped me” - Ved
  • “I’m fishing, I’m going to catch a big crab” – Miles
  • “Did you know that the sun is the biggest star ever and it can burn your eyes if you look at it?” Xavi
  • “I’m playing with mud, come here” – Elyse
  • “My daddy knows all about planets, I like looking at planets. This one is a cold planet but I cannot remember what it is called” - Sergio


Quote of the month:  

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. 

                                                  ~Nelson Mandela