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Welcome to our Monthly Fareacres Blog

Posted 9/27/2019

It has been a busy month at the nurseries...

A special welcome as we start our Autumn Term and we hope you all had an enjoyable summer. We offer a special welcome to all our new children and parents and hope your time with us will be very enjoyable. This is the first upload of the new monthly blog; we hope you enjoy it and would appreciate any feedback you may have.


GH Experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres Gants Hill…

Clever Cats GHClever Cats GH










Crawling Caterpillars GHCrawling Caterpillars GH










SW experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres South Woodford…

Rainbow fish SWRainbow fish SW

Stingrays SWStingrays SW

Sharks SWSharks SW

Starfish SWStarfish SW











Children’s Forum

Evidence shows us of increased outcomes for children in an environment that allows them a ‘voice’ in their learning. Towards the end, primary and secondary schools have already introduced ‘student councils’; ‘class monitors’ and ‘Class Captains’ amongst other titles. At Fareacres, we aim to reflect this by putting in the seeds of empowerment in preparation of transition for our pre-school children.

A small group of children are chosen to participate in our children’s forum at each setting. The children change from month to month, so all children have the opportunity to express their views. A range of points are discussed, with the children raising various issues that they feel are important to improve their experiences at Fareacres, such as resources, routine or staff.

These forums have taken place this week and we have had productive meetings that the children have engaged with fully. In Gants Hill the children have said they like to come to nursery but have requested more dolls and racing cars to play with. In South Woodford the children have requested emergency vehicles and Spiderman toys.


Tapestry Challenge

At the beginning of the month we introduced the ‘Tapestry Challenge’ So far, we have seen an increase in the use of tapestry by parents and this has really supported your children’s learning by helping the staff to plan more activities round your children’s interest. Research indicates that when an educational institution and parent/carer work together, the positive impact it can have on a child can be evident throughout their education and into their future career choices. Thus said, we would like to set you as parents/carers a small task to carry out with your child for each month and upload it to your child's Tapestry account. The tasks will not be time consuming, but they will help us get to know your child in a more holistic way. A new challenge will be sent by Friday 4th October. If you have not received the email or require some support in using Tapestry, please contact your setting manager.


Nursery Reminders

In both sites we now have family photo albums for the room, if you have not sent your family photo yet, please send it to the setting manager who can print it out. The children love to look through their rooms photo album and can get a little upset when they do not see their family.

Parent Forum will be held on Wednesday 20th November at 6pm. If there is anything you would like to be on the agenda, please contact your setting manager.

Half Term Break (funded children only) - Monday 21st – Friday 25th October 2018


Children’s quotes of the month

  • "I want to show a pose" -Shaurya
  • "I went on holiday with my Mummy, I swim like a shark and saw crabs on the beach" - Amanda
  •  "What am I going to have?" – Mehek
  • "I'm going to have a turn because I'm good at singing." - August
  • “I broke my head” – Miles
  •  "Hey guys, my hand is buried like treasure, you have to find it." - Xavi
  • “I’m taking a selfie” – Alicia
  • "Look, this hanger sticks to the train because they are both magnets." - Samuel
  • “"I am making a heart” - Sumayyah

Quote of the month

‘Self-esteem is the real magic wand that can form a child’s future. A child’s self-esteem affects every area of their existence’

                                                Stephanie Martson (Author)