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Welcome to our Weekly Fareacres Blog

Posted 5/29/2019

This has been a busy week at both our nurseries.

Weekly Experiences

The younger children at Gants Hill have taken part in heuristic play. This activity is where children play with and explore the properties of 'objects'. These 'objects' are things from the real world such as plastic bracelets, cardboard tubes, pegs and tins with lids. Children are able to begin to make their own choices and decisions and start to gain an understanding of the world around them.

The children in Rainbowfish room, South Woodford have been making the most of the beautiful weather and have been in the garden exploring the water. They have been using a variety of resources to collect and pour the water from the tray. This type of activity is a great way to help with the development of hand-eye coordination. As this activity is happening in the large tray in the garden, gross motor skills are also developed as the filling and pouring requires a larger movement. The children are prompted by the practitioners to use language, albeit words or sounds, depending on each child’s individual development.

Water Play SWWater Play SW

Water Play SWWater Play SW








The children at Gants Hill the children have been exploring ice using real tools. This play is always done with the supervision of adults. This play is called tinkering and for many children it fuels their natural curiosity about life. Tinkering during play teaches the children valuable lessons such as helping develop fine motor skills which then reinforce emerging literacy skills, problem solving abilities, and peer relationships. This play offers vast communication opportunities for all. Both the boys and girls have been fully engaged within the play.

Exploring ice with real tools GHExploring ice with real tools GH








The children in Stingrays room South Woodford budding gardeners this week, and have planted cress seeds. The children were taken through the process and were able to add the soil and also the seeds. This high level of involvement in such an activity helps children develop their own understanding of the world, particularly growth, change and decay. The physical action of planting the seeds also develops the fine motor skills of the children, as they are required to be accurate with the mud and seeds. Cress is perfect to use for this activity, because of its rapid growth. Why not try at home!

The children commented whilst planting seeds:

"Dirty" - Rafe
"Mud sticky" – Francis

Planting cress seeds SWPlanting cress seeds SW


Planting cress seeds SWPlanting cress seeds SW







The children at Gants Hill the children have been playing with the malleable table set up as a construction site. Malleable play uses all 5 senses, it encourages children to manipulate and mould materials on their own. Children need to explore their environment by using all their senses as children learn primarily through play. Play that incorporates textural material allows children to express their emotions through manipulation. The older children have been playing with a construction site and the younger children have been exploring moon sand.    

 Malleable construction GHMalleable construction GH







The children in Sharks room South Woodford have been playing a game of ‘Caterpillar bingo’. The game requires the children to match the number of lids to the number written on the caterpillar. This type of game is great for development of the number aspect of mathematics. The children will be able to experience counting objects, recognising numerals, and then matching the numeral to quantity. Of course practitioners are on hand to help support the children and give guidance where needed, but to also ensure that children have the opportunity to make independent choices.

During the game, the children commented:

"I have blue lids" - Veeraj
"This is number 4" - Edward
"Baby caterpillar" - Ayaan
"Here is 1 mummy caterpillar" – Frederika

‘Caterpillar bingo’ SW‘Caterpillar bingo’ SW









The children at Gants Hill the children have been making a den.Den building offers a range of advantages to children of all ages, from physical development to problem solving skills. Children are able to build on their learning by thinking creatively and putting their ideas into reality. Creating dens will give children the opportunity to think outside of the box and problem solve in order to create a structure. Children will also develop communication and language skills as they work as a team to create their den. They will need to take turns in a conversation, explain their ideas and negotiate with others.

Making a den GHMaking a den GH








The children in Starfish room South Woodford have decided to be budding scientists and have been carrying out an experiment. The experiment involved 4 eggs and 4 plastic cups.  One cup contained water, one white vinegar, one coca cola and the other fresh orange juice.  The children were observing the effect of the liquids on the egg over a period of 48 hours. This type of activity is great to extend the attention of the children, as it spans across two days. The children of this age are able to engage for this period and retain the information given the previous day and build upon it. This experiment also helps the children to develop their observation skills, and to be able to notice details.

The children made the following comments during the experiment:

"You cant see the egg in the orange" - Laith
"The coke has got bubbles" - Armaan
"The coke has turned the egg spotty and brown" - Daisy
"It feels all squelchy" - Isla T
"Its taken off the shell" - Eitan
"The egg in the orange juice has gone really shiny" – Jessica

Egg Experiment SWEgg Experiment SW

 Egg Experiment SWEgg Experiment SW







Activity of the week:

The winner this week is Emani (GH). Emani has planned a lovely activity where she will help a child achieve a PSE: Self-confidence and self-awareness next step. Emani will encourage the children to create a jar, with decoration of their choosing. The jars will be named, with the children who are able to, writing their own name to label their jar. Once this is done, the children can name things they are good at, or that they like about themselves to place into the pot. This is a great reflective skill for children and it encourages them to think about themselves in positive terms. The extension will require those capable to say things they like about other children. 


Top 5 Children’s Quotes of the week:

-       I’m going Portugal, if you have a swimming costume, you can come” - Zayd

-       "Sometimes my mummy gets cranky" - Noah

-       "It’s not working, I think we should change batteries" – Julia

-       "Its nearly time for big school" - Ishen

-       "My daddy is looking after the ice-cream Taxi" - Isla CP


Quote of the Week:

‘To teach is to learn twice over’

Joseph Joubert

French moralist


 Please remember there will be no blog next week due to half term.


Thank you for taking a glimpse into our Fareacres Learning Community

Until next time...