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Welcome to our Weekly Fareacres Blog

Posted 3/11/2019

This has been a busy week at both our nurseries.

Easter Collection

At Fareacres, we are once again turning to you and asking you to join us in collecting for those families in our communities, who are in need and are struggling to meet basic everyday costs. We have made numerous collections for the Redbridge foodbank, most recently at Christmas time, and this is what we aim to do once more for Easter. We always try to team up our collections with times when academic half termly holidays occur, as this is shown to be a particularly difficult time for families in need.

The Redbridge Foodbank is an amazing organisation which offers critical help to families and single people in need, at a time when they are in crisis. As a society, Fareacres believes we should be showing awareness and compassion to those around us and by offering just a small amount, we can be ensuring a family doesn’t have to make the difficult decision of eating a meal, or staying warm. If you do wish to read further into the work of the Redbridge Foodbank, please do follow this link:

Participating in our drive to contribute to the Redbridge Foodbank will have learning opportunities for the children of Fareacres. Circle times will be held for the children of an appropriate age, where practitioners will discuss the purpose of donating goods, and who they will help. These discussions will all be age appropriate and will offer development in the ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’, ‘Communication and Language’ and ‘Understanding the World’ areas of learning present within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Therefore, we are asking for donations of Food and other every day necessities, such as toiletries, but also Easter eggs. Families in need may not have the budget to purchase such things, and let’s try to put a smile on some children’s faces, when they discover a little treat at Easter.

We will begin our collection on Monday 11th March 2019 and deadline to donate is Friday 12th April 2019. This gives a whole month to try and gather as much as we can, to help as many people that we can. Please pass any donations to base room staff and they will ensure it is placed with all other donations.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to forward them to Amy or Hannah and they will be happy to help.


Weekly Experiences

The younger children at Gants Hill have been exploring play dough. This is a sensory activity where children manipulate the dough and use different tools to mould their dough. Through these manipulations, children develop eye-hand coordination, the ability to match hand movement with eye movement. They also gain strength and improve dexterity in their hands and fingers, critical areas of physical development for writing, drawing, and other purposes.

Play Dough GHPlay Dough GH

 Play Dough GHPlay Dough GH






The children in Rainbowfish room, South Woodford have been having an exploratory experience of investigating sweetcorn. The children were introduced to the tray of sweetcorn. They used their senses to see the sweetcorn, the smell, the touch, the sound it makes when they squash it and there were a few cases of the sense of taste being used! Children at this young age learn best when they use a variety of senses and through expert interactions, practitioners were able to introduce communication and language opportunities.

Sweetcorn SWSweetcorn SW 











The children at Gants Hill the children have been participating in sensory play by exploring different textures. This activity is an important part of early childhood development, and providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development. This activity also provided a large range of vocabulary for children of all ages.

 Different Textures GHDifferent Textures GH









The children in Stingrays room South Woodford have exploring the local environment and collected leaves to create their own collages and artwork. The children went on a small outing with the practitioners and they collected some natural resources. The children enjoyed this process in its entirety, and practitioners used language as to support them.  In allowing the children the opportunity to be involved in the gathering of the resources, they are then highly motivated to participate fully, and thus more likely to achieve the learning intentions of the activity itself.

The children commented:

"Yellow wow" - Wren
"Green leaf" – Francis

Collecting Leaves SWCollecting Leaves SW

 Collecting Leaves SWCollecting Leaves SW











The children at Gants Hill the children have been exploring musical instruments. They loved making lots of noise and exploring the different sounds the instruments made. The listening skills they are developing will assist them later with their ability to distinguish between the sounds in words when learning to read. The also used a variety of fine motor skills which strengthens and develops the muscles they will need in the future when learning to write.

 Musical Instruments GHMusical Instruments GH







The children in Sharks room South Woodford have been very lucky and a parent conducted a session where they celebrated Pancake Day, by making delicious allergen free pancakes with the children. This type of session is beneficial for all children involved, but particularly for the child whose parent has made such a special effort to engage in the session. There is a lot of research which highlights the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education as having a positive impact on their outcomes, and at Fareacres, we believe this begins from a young age.

The children commented:

"Chicken" - August
"Oh look" - Arjun
"That’s very funny" - Edward
"I eat them all" - Izzie
"I love pancakes" – Edward

If you are interested in joining us for a session, please do speak to base room staff and they will be happy to advise you.

 Making Pancakes SWMaking Pancakes SW











The children at Gants Hill the children have have been using the natural resources from the garden the children have created their pictures to support their learning. Some children have made spiders, some made grasshoppers and some making lady birds. Within the EYFS it states that children should ‘show care and concern for living things’ by carrying out these activities it introduces these concepts to the children. To extend the learning children are also encouraged to label their work with their name, this enhances literacy development and gives children encouragement to form letters correctly.

Natural Collage GHNatural Collage GH

 Natural Collage GHNatural Collage GH








The children in Starfish room South Woodford have been developing the skill of prediction. They were asked about a variety of resources and how they predicted the resource to behave when placed in water. The children were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed investigating whether their predicted theories were correct. This type of activity develops skills in a variety of areas of earning within the EYFS, such as, ‘Communication and Language’ and ‘Understanding the world’.

The children commented:

"The brick will sink" - Jayce
"It’s going to sink" - Sam B.
"Its floats on the bubbles the duck" - Saanvi
"It’s sinking to the bottom" - Micale
"It can float now" - Isla

 Sinking and Floating SWSinking and Floating SW











Top 5 Children’s Quotes of the week:

-       "I love pancakes" – August

-       "I like all things sugary” – Zayd

-        "I’m all back to normal now" - Jessica

-       "Look what I draw it's a colourful crocodile"- Julia

-       "My brothers spots have gone" - Samina


Quote of the Week:

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference”

Kathy Calvin

-          CEO United Nations Foundation


Thank you for taking a glimpse into our Fareacres Learning Community

Until next time...