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Welcome to our Weekly Fareacres Blog

Posted 4/1/2019

This has been a busy week at both our nurseries.

Weekly Experiences

The younger children at Gants Hill have been making special gift for their mums in preparation for Mother’s Day. Pasta threading is a great way to entertain children of all ages. It helps develop their fine motor skills and concentration. Children were able to select their own coloured pasta to thread on a string. If you're looking for a good engaging activity, pasta threading is really simple but so effective.

Mother's Day GHMother's Day GH

 Mother's Day GHMother's Day GH






The children in Rainbowfish room, South Woodford have been using potatoes which have been cut in half to make prints with paint. The children observed the practitioners making the prints and then followed the instructions to make prints of their own. Of course, there were hands which were painted and plenty of paint on the potatoes, but this type of activity offers young children the opportunity to make a link between their own movements and the marks they are making.


The children at Gants Hill the children have also been making special gift for their mums in preparation for Mother’s Day. Children love doing a variety of arts and crafts as an outlet to be creative and have some fun! Little do they know that it is so good for their development as well. There are so many benefits to these activities Self-Regulation, bilateral coordination and Fine motor coordination are just a few.

Mother's Day GHMother's Day GH







The children in Stingrays room South Woodford took a trip to the local park. They had great fun with all of the practitioners and got to use the large equipment in the park. This play helps to develop their large motor skills and offers experiences outside of the nursery. The park has a range of equipment which requires the children to use their body in ways which they may not usually. This movement aids development in the physical area of development in the EYFS.

Whilst at the park, the children commented:

"Wow swing" - Wren
"Me too swing" - Rodrigo
"On the slide" - Rafe
"Look at me on slide" - Ibbi

 Park SWPark SW








The children at Gants Hill the children have been exploring the song bag. Singing is embedded as part of the nursery routine due to the fundamental skills taught to the children. As children grow, singing helps them learn other fundamentals of language, such as rhyme and phonemic awareness (differentiating the sounds within words). The addition of some singing props to everyday singing brings the songs to life and helps develop further skills too, such as recognizing and naming objects and basic motor grasp.

Song Bag GHSong Bag GH






The children in Sharks room South Woodford have collected a variety of natural resources from around the nursery and used this to create a giant collage. The children worked collectively to create one large collage which is great for their personal, social and emotional development as they need to take turns, negotiate and solve problems. The children loved using the natural resources, and as they had been sourced by   themselves, this added to their motivation to participate.

The children commented:

"I want more leaves" - Frederika
"Its Sticky" - Julia
"Can I have more flowers please" -  Ariya
"My fingers are sticky" - Isobel

Giant Natural Collage SWGiant Natural Collage SW









The children at Gants Hill the children have have been planting. Gardening with children provides them with skills to help your child's development. Gardening is a great physical development activity. Young children can practice locomotor skills, body management skills and object control skills while they move from one place to the other carrying tools, soil and water.

 Gardening GHGardening GH








The children in Starfish room South Woodford have have been taking part in a week-long project. They have gone through the stages of creating a model of a volcano. They used papier-Mache to make the model and made sure there was a centre point where they could cause an eruption. The children loved being part of the whole process and enjoyed seeing the final result of the eruption caused by the mixing of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This type of project offers learning across the whole curriculum.

The children commented:

"It’s a volcano the top is hot" - Daisy
"It’s going to melt" - Zach
"It looks like blood" - Laith
"It’s turning dark" - Samina
"It’s going down the slide" - Jessica
"The bubbles are popping" - Zavi

Volcano project SWVolcano project SW

Volcano project SWVolcano project SW

Volcano project SWVolcano project SW










Top 5 Children’s Quotes of the week:

-       " My dad says white wee is more healthy” – Zayd

-       "It was my birthday the other day I got new sunglasses two pairs" – Isla CP

-       You never listen, I’m going to tell my mum” (talking to his peer) – Hridhaan

-       "I helped granny to pull the weeds from the garden we use a spade" - Samuel

-       “I’m waiting for my friend” - Reilly

Quote of the Week:

  ‘Those who are happiest, are those who do the most for others’

                                                            -B.T.Washington (American educator)


Please remember there will be no blog for the next two weeks due to Easter Holidays.

Thank you for taking a glimpse into our Fareacres Learning Community

Until next time...