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Welcome to our Monthly Fareacres Blog

Posted 12/6/2019

It has been a busy month at the nurseries...

GH Experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres Gants Hill…











SW experiences

This has been a busy month for Fareacres South Woodford…





















Parent Forum

As many of you are aware this week both nurseries held our termly ‘Parent Forum’ both evenings had several families come and listen to the items on the agenda and have a chance to ask any questions they wanted. At Fareacres we are continuously exploring different ways we can improve our communication with parents and welcome any suggestions you may have. The forum gives you a chance to be sure that we will listen to you in all aspects of care and education regarding your child, and we encourage you to become an active participant in the life of the nursery. At this time of year, we fill out our own setting improvement plan from Ofsted and really appreciate any input from parents through both this forum and the annual evaluations.


Christmas Pantomime/ Closure

This year wehave booked a company to come to the nursery and put on a Pantomime production for all children and families. We will be asking parents to pay a small contribution of £5 per family towards the cost of the production; the nursery will pay 50% towards the total cost. This will be taking place on Monday 23rd December 2019. The idea of the pantomime is that all children are then being able to access a Pantomime at Christmas time rather than just the pre-school children who are taken to a pantomime with staff. This is an occasion where all family members and friends are welcome. Pantomimes begins 1:30 sharp, nursery closes at 3:30pm. Letters with more information will be emailed in December for all parents.

Last day at the nursery: Monday 23rd December 2019 Nursery reopens Friday 3rd January 2020


Nursery Reminders

  • Food Bank ‘Christmas box’ collection will be collected in nursery, with all boxes to be submitted by Tuesday 17th December 2019.
  • In both sites we now have family photo albums for the room, if you have not sent your family photo yet, please send it to the setting manager who can print it out. The children love to look through their rooms photo album and can get a little upset when they do not see their family.
  • To upload the photo’s and videos of your meal times for this month’s Tapestry Challenge.


Children’s quotes of the month

* "Look I am cutting out this picture" - Alicia

* "London bridge is falling down" – Wren

* "I'm making a train" – Daniyal

*  "Bees eat honey." – Lucas

* “I can see a sun it's hiding inside the cloud" - Miles

* "Hmmm delicious" - Layla

* "Look what I made" - Mehek

* "I'm doing the ironing like mummy but we mustn't touch it, its really hot" - Arjun

*"Can you help me with my jacket?" - Cayden

*"I did it all by myself." - Ibby


 Quote of the month

"Every home is a university and every parent is a teacher."

-Mahatma Gandhi